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Bofta Yimam – WRMB002

Bofta Yimam is an award-winning journalist turned Master Storytelling and Empowerment Coach.

Our podcast host says Bofta is the reason why the Women Really Mean Business Presented By ATHENA®️ International Podcast is in existence!

Listen in if you are dreaming about making a life-changing pivot.

Bofta morphed her Emmy award-winning journalism career for CBS and ABC into a laptop-based business where she travels freely and is sought-after as a dynamic speaker who empowers entrepreneurs to craft their story, speak on stages and gain more visibility!

She makes is all look easy and effortless, however she admits that she invested time and practice into multiple tools, even some a little “woo woo,” to make her transition “leap” work.

Bofta speaks from the heart about how imperative it is to use our God-given talents. Listen to the podcast below if you’re looking for inspiration and tips— to stretch your skills and talents into new spaces.

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