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Erica Whiting – WRMB009

Erica Whiting is the owner of Erica Whiting Photography

Erica Whiting’s passion for building a small business comes through clearly in this podcast.  

Erica is a full-time art teacher in the Erie School System; an art instructor for the Erie Museum; a blogger who created the Project Erie Entrepreneur Blog; a photographer; and an artist.

She is just starting a photography business, Erica Whiting Photography. She would like to grow her business to the point that she can give back by using photography to tell the stories of the homeless, abused men and women, and rape victims.

Erica always needs to be creating, and her goal is to use her creativity to make a difference.

She says:

*Don’t wait if you have a passion to start a business. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go for it. There is never going to be the perfect time!

*Be smart! Have a plan so you know what to do from day-to-day. You may have to work two jobs in the beginning as you develop your business, but it is worth it.

*You must constantly be learning through podcasts, YouTube, bloggers, and from others in your business and outside your business.

*Don’t give up. It takes time to build a business. You do have to stop and recharge.

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Dr. Joyce Ann Miller – WRMB008

Meet Dr. Joyce Ann Miller, a Sociologist, Professor, Non-profit CEO and Entrepreneur.

She discusses her professional identity of being a sociologist and how this has affected her leadership roles in different institutions along the way. She’s well-traveled and there is so much to learn from her perspective.

In this podcast, she shares what a sociologist does and more specifically, how her own
journey and viewpoint as a sociologist has impacted her transition through different
careers including: 

*Higher Education
*Business World (For-Profit and Non-Profit)
*Community Volunteering
*Government Agencies

Also, she delves into how sociology helps structure these organizations and institutions
to be successful in their interactions and goals. 

If you’re interested in the study of social behavior or society, including its origins,
development, organization, networks, and institutions, listen in to her great advice and
perhaps learn a new perspective that can improve your own business!

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Recommended links from Dr. Miller:

KeyStone Research Corporation

Northwest Institute of Research

Ted Talks


Podcasts, books and other materials that support her values (dignity, respect and diversity) - her advice? Find your own resources that support your values!

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Courtney Steding – WRMB007

Courtney Steding serves as the Director of Career Services for Penn State Behrend

In this podcast, Courtney shares her insight as a Career Coaching Professional.

She talks about:

*ACT - the Athena Circle of Trust  - an how a group of trusted female professionals  have an open dialogue about their successes and challenges and ways to help each other.

*How do you increase your job satisfaction? What do you love vs what do you hate?

*What do you want to do next?  What are your passions and strengths?

*How do you realize your career potential?

*What action should you take to achieve your "perfect match" career?

*How do you find a mentor?  It can be someone different from you.

She also shares resources to determine your personality type and motivational books for your to read.

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Recommended links from Courtney:
Penn State Behrend Career Center
ATHENA®️ Circle of Trust
Wendy Sachs, Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers
16 Personalities
Linda Babcock, Women Don't Ask
Brene Brown
The Broadsheet
More advice
1. Work with a coach or a mentor - and don't be afraid to find someone that's different from you in personality type, industry, gender, etc.
2. Research shows you're most productive in the morning - she is intentional about her morning routine - eating right, running, etc.

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Angela Gast – WRMB006

Angela Gast has worked in Corporate America, for small businesses, and is now an entrepreneur - she is the owner of two businesses: Mighty Mrs. and Mighty Creative

In this podcast, she shares her experiences in both roles and how she helps business owners grow from the ground up or take them to the next level.

*She is a working mom who thrives now that she is her own boss.
*She talks about what to look for in a marketing firm and why expertise matters.
*She also discusses how she maintains a work life balance - priorities are a must.
*Angela also shares how important it is to own your choices in order to stay focused.

When listening to this podcast here's a quote to keep in mind from Angela:
"Women need to take ownership of their career path to build a life that works for them and their family. We are fortunate that working a 9-5 job is not the only answer anymore."

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Jenny Kupczyk – WRMB005

Meet Jenny Kupczyk, an entrepreneur and a single Mom, who as a health and wellness coach (Jen Kupczyk Total Health & Wellness 360, LLC) is committed to helping people change their “mindset,” the root cause that holds us back from achieving our New Year’s resolutions, our inherent greatness and living the life we desire.

Hear her real and raw stories including “wall-kicking” moments about:

*Self talk: Why “I’m committed to…..” always trumps “I need to…..”
*Vision boards: A reminder to feel the feelings of already achieving
*Daily intentions: “If our “why” isn’t strong enough to make us cry, then it’s just a wish.”
*Goal setting: Try on making your standards non-negotiable instead

If you’re looking for some motivation to believe and deserve you can achieve your very personal definition of success, then this podcast is for you!

Please scroll down for her interview as well as recommended links from Jenny below her photo!

Recommended links from Jenny:

Jen Kupczyk Total Health & Wellness 360, LLC (LinkedIN)

Jen Kupczyk Total Health & Wellness 360, LLC (Facebook)

The Holy Bible

Vision Board

Daily Affirmations including gratitude to God and speaking what you want out loud

Motivational Speakers on YouTube:
Mel Robbins, Eric Thomas and Will Smith