a few months ago

Angela Gast – WRMB006

Angela Gast has worked in Corporate America, for small businesses, and is now an entrepreneur - she is the owner of two businesses: Mighty Mrs. and Mighty Creative

In this podcast, she shares her experiences in both roles and how she helps business owners grow from the ground up or take them to the next level.

*She is a working mom who thrives now that she is her own boss.
*She talks about what to look for in a marketing firm and why expertise matters.
*She also discusses how she maintains a work life balance - priorities are a must.
*Angela also shares how important it is to own your choices in order to stay focused.

When listening to this podcast here's a quote to keep in mind from Angela:
"Women need to take ownership of their career path to build a life that works for them and their family. We are fortunate that working a 9-5 job is not the only answer anymore."

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