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Courtney Steding – WRMB007

Courtney Steding serves as the Director of Career Services for Penn State Behrend

In this podcast, Courtney shares her insight as a Career Coaching Professional.

She talks about:

*ACT - the Athena Circle of Trust  - an how a group of trusted female professionals  have an open dialogue about their successes and challenges and ways to help each other.

*How do you increase your job satisfaction? What do you love vs what do you hate?

*What do you want to do next?  What are your passions and strengths?

*How do you realize your career potential?

*What action should you take to achieve your "perfect match" career?

*How do you find a mentor?  It can be someone different from you.

She also shares resources to determine your personality type and motivational books for your to read.

Please scroll down for her interview as well as recommended links from Courtney below her photo!

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Wendy Sachs, Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers
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Linda Babcock, Women Don't Ask
Brene Brown
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More advice
1. Work with a coach or a mentor - and don't be afraid to find someone that's different from you in personality type, industry, gender, etc.
2. Research shows you're most productive in the morning - she is intentional about her morning routine - eating right, running, etc.