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Erica Whiting – WRMB009

Erica Whiting is the owner of Erica Whiting Photography

Erica Whiting’s passion for building a small business comes through clearly in this podcast.  

Erica is a full-time art teacher in the Erie School System; an art instructor for the Erie Museum; a blogger who created the Project Erie Entrepreneur Blog; a photographer; and an artist.

She is just starting a photography business, Erica Whiting Photography. She would like to grow her business to the point that she can give back by using photography to tell the stories of the homeless, abused men and women, and rape victims.

Erica always needs to be creating, and her goal is to use her creativity to make a difference.

She says:

*Don’t wait if you have a passion to start a business. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go for it. There is never going to be the perfect time!

*Be smart! Have a plan so you know what to do from day-to-day. You may have to work two jobs in the beginning as you develop your business, but it is worth it.

*You must constantly be learning through podcasts, YouTube, bloggers, and from others in your business and outside your business.

*Don’t give up. It takes time to build a business. You do have to stop and recharge.

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