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Debbie Peterson – WRMB011

Debbie Peterson is a Business Keynote Speaker, Mindset Strategist, Coach at Getting To Clarity + ATHENA® International Board Member

What would your life be like if you had tools you could rely on to go from frustrated to focused? If you could interrupt negative patterns and take yourself into a different more nurturing direction?

After 30 years in corporate America, Debbie found herself not only frustrated but stressed to the point that it was affecting her health. She knew she needed a radical change.

Hear how she pivoted into running Getting to Clarity, a coaching, training and speaking business where she helps women figure out what is getting in their own way and provides tools, strategies and action plans to bridge the gap to fulfillment.

Drawing on her deeply personal experience and her expertise in Neurolinguistic Programming and Huna she shares how our mindset and thoughts either hold us back or propel us, support or sabotage us at an unconscious level. “We say awful things to ourselves” says Debbie and “we may not even be aware.”

The language we use clues us in. Learn from someone who’s lived it about how to catch ourselves, see the unseen, gamify our trials and overcome limiting beliefs to reclaim a step-up attitude and experience a different, more meaningful result.

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