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Jenny Olsen – WRMB010

Jenny Olsen is a Marketing Specialist.

When Jenny Olsen ended this podcast, she offered to help any woman who might want her assistance…and she meant it.

Digital marketing is such a challenging career that is reason alone to listen to this podcast. Jenny has a wide range of marketing experiences with different companies, most recently with the automobile industry.

She has clear-cut ideas to share with any woman considering a career in marketing or already in marketing. Five takeaways from the podcast include:

*Always keep learning because marketing changes very rapidly. Your routine everyday should include 20 minutes of research related to your field.

*Join a “20 Group” of professionals who have titles like yours to share ideas, to discuss problems, and to learn what’s working in other places.

*Marketing is a critical but challenging field because you must be able to see trends, pick out patterns, understand customers, and so much more. Don’t let it consume you!

*Computer research is a vital part of marketing, but go into the community and ask questions to find out what customers want.

*Women are exceptional in marketing because they pay attention to details; they are methodical; and they are sensitive to what others want.

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Recommended links from Jenny:

Email her at jennylee.olsen@gmail.com if you wish to connect or have a question.

Do 20 minutes of research daily related to your business.

Join a "20" group (a group of like-minded professionals usually in the same industry and ususually from around the country).

Also consider professional groups in your area that you can plug into.

Ask customers - they're a great source of what you need to do as a professional!


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