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Aira Agrawal – WRMB015 – Unplug From Your Screens – Sometimes

Aira Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of ByeByeScreen.com and author of "7 Step Digital Cleanse For Families."

Feel like your smart phone has taken over your life? Are your kids obsessed with video gaming, Netflix binging, and social media scrolling? Is screen time impacting your family time? If you feel like you never get a break from technology and want relief – then this podcast is for you.

Even better, you’ll hear how from a 16-year-old author and entrepreneur who started an online business called www.ByeByeScreen.com to address this urgent issue.

Aira’s research showed that most books and articles on the subject were written by adults from their perspective. She felt strongly that teenagers needed a voice too. In her book and workshops she opens eyes to how her own family used a collaborative vs. punitive approach to solve for:

*Her 8-year old video gaming brother who didn’t quite like parental controls. 

*Her YouTube obsessed sister who watched videos brushing her teeth and while eating dinner.

*Her Instagram exploring (just 5 minutes!) that was cutting into homework time. 

This trailblazer shares poignant stories about:

*How taking first prize at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy impacted her drive.

*The importance of her father’s mentorship.

*Overcoming her fear to be taken seriously. 

*Why she was surprised at a conference that there weren’t more female entrepreneurs. 

*The app she’s working on next.

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