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Genevieve DeRose – WRMB017 – Going Off Course Is NOT A Failure

Genevieve DeRose is the Owner of Inner Balance Pilates

Listen in as she goes over the following in this immersive interview:

*Started her business at age 22 with 10 clients and within a few months had a waiting list.

*How can Pilates make you better in all areas of fitness?

*She and her team focus not only on the physical side but also the mental side - you have to know where people are coming from so you can help them be fit for life.

*Feels her biggest impact is training 20+ women as Pilates instructors - a couple have even gone on to be doctors.

*Why her mentorship started as a need but transformed into a passion - giving back as a leader and a mentor is important to Genevieve - and it is ever expanding for her.

*How ATHENA Powerlink helped her overcome her shyness in networking and gave her confidence to positively influence other entrepreneurs.

*What being invited to the prestigious Dovetail Summit gave her as far as thinking globally about her business.

*In nearly 2 decades of business she's had to overcome a lot of doubts and market changes - she offers advice for entrepreneurs including this quote for when you run into challenges: "Changes and adjustments are not failures."

*She never feels perfectly balanced with her business, mentorship, and family (she has an 8-year old son and husband) but she has been intentional in carving out time for important things, especially one family night a week.

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