a couple of months ago

Kathleen Duffy Ybarra – WRMB016 – A Trailblazer In Business

Kathleen Duffy Ybarra is the President and CEO of Duffy Group, Inc.

Listen in as she goes over the following in this immersive interview:

*What people are looking for in today's workplace.

*Advice for new entrepreneurs.

*How she navigated few really tough times after 9/11 and in the last great recession and why she had to fundamentally change how she did business in the new economy.

*Advice she would give to herself at the beginning of her business knowing what she knows now.

*Why achieving a work life balance in 2019 is harder than ever and her take on it.

*How charity work has positively impacted her and her family - especially with her children.

*Her view that boards need to represent the populations they serve.

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