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Annella Metoyer – WRMB022 – Adversity Forges A True Leader

Annella Metoyer is a Keynote Speaker, Performance Improvement Coach, and Amazon Bestselling Author (Dare to Be the Change and Stronger than Fear)

Listen in as Annella discusses the following:

*Started in banking 40 years ago with various jobs and ended up as City President for one of the largest banks in Texas.

*Developed a lot of leaders from mid-level all the way up to executive.

*Quote to remember: "If you don't, who will."

*Often was first in her positions as either a person of color, a woman or both.

*She had a lot of adversity and a lot of reasons to quit - but never did - this is a story of resiliency.

*Encountered both racism and sexual harassment in her career but overcame it because she knew she had to be the change - again, if you don't, who will.

*Strong Christian beliefs and a family legacy of wanting to help others is a big part of what kept her going through a lot of challenges.

*Had to work hard to get people to see her as an individual and not being identified as the first person of color or woman in the organization. This mindset proved valuable as she was able to help others get promoted that were enduring struggles because they were not being seen as individuals either - it all was a part of making her a better and more empathetic leader.

*Made the change from banking to be a coach and her experiences have formed the basis of how she mentors other people - and she loves developing individuals.

*Remember this when you are facing adversity - you are stronger than the person that is challenging you.

*Was the President of a Chamber of Commerce in her area - the first person of color and woman to do this - and is gratified that other women and people of color have followed her into the organization with similar success.

*She loves helping people see that the strength is within.

*Through her speaking, books, mentoring and coaching she changes lives - in fact, you'll hear a very compelling story of how a family was mended after one of her speeches.

*Want to build relationships? Really get to know someone - you never know when these relationships will positively impact your career.

*Her perspective as to how women are elevating other women in business.

*Winning an ATHENA award was one of the proudest moments of her life.

*Something happened in 1988 that significantly impacted women in business - you'll hear her detail it.

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Her advice? Have a love of learning - find people that inspire you in person or online and continuously learn.

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Payal Nanjiani – WRMB021 – Maximum Effort Does Not Mean Maximum Results

Payal Nanjiani - is a globally acclaimed motivational leadership speaker, success coach and author who is a visionary that has helped thousands of people become game-changing leaders and entrepreneurs.

Listen in as Payal discusses the following:

*Inspired to teach leadership techniques that helps people get and give their best.

*Always been fascinated by the word success.

*Maximum effort DOES NOT equal maximum results.

*There is a wide gap between people that are successful and those who aren't - bridging that gap is what drives and inspires her.

*How to shift your mindset to achieve success.

*You need techniques and conditioning to align yourself with success.

*The difference between a Maximum Effort person and a Successful person - you'll be surprised by this.

*You have to concentrate on BEING - not DOING.

*CONDITION YOURSELF FIRST - then success will follow.

*Moving from one failure to another is important because when challenges come you have the strength to meet them.

*You need to challenge yourself every single day, recognize your value and increase your value - never stop challenging yourself and get good at self-promotion.

*Two words are VERY important in business: TAKE CHARGE but it's not about taking charge of other people - you must TAKE CHARGE of you.

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She loves motivational quotes online - but suggests that you use what is best for you.

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Jackie Krawczak – WRMB020 – From Struggle To Success

Jackie Krawczak is the President of leadership training and consulting firm, Jackie Krawczak, LLC, and the President/CEO of the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce.

Listen in as Jackie discusses the following:

*ATHENA leadership principle "Learn Constantly" from the book Becoming Athena: Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership by ATHENA International Founder Martha Mertz

(Also she gave us a bonus leadership principle as well as she tackled "Live Authentically")

*Dealt with mental health issues - severe clinical depression and bulimia.

*You can overcome struggles in your life and still be successful and happy.

*You shouldn't feel embarrassment over mental health issues.

*She helped people that have similar struggles because she had the courage to share her story.

*Advice to heal:

1. Let people care about you.

2. Be kind to yourself.

3. Don't be afraid - she was afraid to give up her eating disorder and depression because she had been successful in spite of them but in a strange way she gave those two disorders misplaced credit for her success.

*What are you willing to give up to get something you never had?

*Her purpose is to help others - either one on one or with organizations to motivate and inspire them to get past hurdles to get to what is greater for them.

*Talks about what holds individuals and organizations back.

*Just because you have a title it doesn't mean you are a good leader - you really have to learn to lead, inspire and motivate.

*Why her leadership style is now more real.

*How she develops women leaders - and why women need different things than men in leadership.

*Her perspective on leadership and entrepreneurship as a someone that is both an employee and an entrepreneur herself.

*How to best manage your time and delegate.

*Why being your authentic self is so important.

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Don't just read quotes - but take time to think about them and see how they will fit into your life.

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WRMB020 – From Struggle To Success (Preview)

Jackie Krawczak, President of leadership training and consulting firm, Jackie Krawczak, LLC, and President/CEO of the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce had external success but internal struggles – she is a successful entrepreneur, executive, motivational speaker and more. However, she had struggles that caused her to nearly end her life. Listen to how she overcame them and flourished. Take a listen to an excerpt above and listen to the full episode as it is now live.

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Ginny Tonkin – WRMB019 – A True Marketing Athlete

Ginny Tonkin, is a Product and Partner Marketer at Instapage

Listen in as Ginny covers:

*What is a well-rounded product marketing athlete? Well, that is Ginny - she wears many hats to help launch new products!

*From Erie, PA to building an international career - it's been quite a journey for Ginny.

*The characteristics of one of her favorite managers in her career and why she feels that way.

*Why she pushed herself to live overseas at a young age - she taught English in Vietnam and also lived in China as well. Ginny details what living overseas taught her and how it impacted her career.

*Her time overseas represented the highest highs and lowest lows - but that period was a cherished time in her life.

*San Francisco was a dream place for her to live - several reasons for it and how she made it happen

*She had no idea what product marketing was but that didn't stop her from forging a career in it!

*Can post-click optimization help you? Okay, once you find out what it is (Ginny will explain) your answer will be a RESOUNDING YES!

*Didn't have an intention to build a career but was intentional about doing the next thing that she was passionate about and a great career sprung out of that.

*What is the most important skill set you can have?

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WRMB 019: A True Marketing Athlete (Preview)

Ginny Tonkin is a marketing athlete and is a Product and Partner Marketer at Instapage, plus an expert in post-click optimization which EVERY entrepreneur needs – listen in for what it is plus how she knew nothing about it but wasn’t stopped by that small detail as she forged an awesome career that’s taken her all over the world. Take a listen to an excerpt above and listen to the full episode as it is now live.

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Jessica Lewis – WRMB018 – Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Change If You’re Unhappy

Jessica Lewis is the owner of Jessica Lewis Voice

Listen in as Jessica covers:

*What is voiceover? Voiceover artists literally impact everything - radio, TV, explainer videos - it's really people reading a script giving you information.

*The heart of being an entrepreneur is using your skills and gifts to solve a problem.

*Why a summer at McDonald's started her on her entrepreneurial journey.

*Her first entrepreneurial venture was Mary Kay and while she admits she was terrible at a makeup business but the Mary Kay principles still help her today.

*Being a voiceover artist is not her first successful venture but it's has become the best business for her to achieve a work life balance and had to hit rock bottom before she could decide to make the switch.

*How you define success is important - listen to your small voice - don't get caught up in the whole "you must always hustle" mentality.

*You can pour yourself into business without having it affect family time.

*How she manages separating work time from family time since she and her husband work out of the house on their business and have three children.

*You don't have to be hard and fast with work/life balance rules but you do need a routine.

*Advice for newbie entrepreneurs.

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