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Annella Metoyer – WRMB022 – Adversity Forges A True Leader

Annella Metoyer is a Keynote Speaker, Performance Improvement Coach, and Amazon Bestselling Author (Dare to Be the Change and Stronger than Fear)

Listen in as Annella discusses the following:

*Started in banking 40 years ago with various jobs and ended up as City President for one of the largest banks in Texas.

*Developed a lot of leaders from mid-level all the way up to executive.

*Quote to remember: "If you don't, who will."

*Often was first in her positions as either a person of color, a woman or both.

*She had a lot of adversity and a lot of reasons to quit - but never did - this is a story of resiliency.

*Encountered both racism and sexual harassment in her career but overcame it because she knew she had to be the change - again, if you don't, who will.

*Strong Christian beliefs and a family legacy of wanting to help others is a big part of what kept her going through a lot of challenges.

*Had to work hard to get people to see her as an individual and not being identified as the first person of color or woman in the organization. This mindset proved valuable as she was able to help others get promoted that were enduring struggles because they were not being seen as individuals either - it all was a part of making her a better and more empathetic leader.

*Made the change from banking to be a coach and her experiences have formed the basis of how she mentors other people - and she loves developing individuals.

*Remember this when you are facing adversity - you are stronger than the person that is challenging you.

*Was the President of a Chamber of Commerce in her area - the first person of color and woman to do this - and is gratified that other women and people of color have followed her into the organization with similar success.

*She loves helping people see that the strength is within.

*Through her speaking, books, mentoring and coaching she changes lives - in fact, you'll hear a very compelling story of how a family was mended after one of her speeches.

*Want to build relationships? Really get to know someone - you never know when these relationships will positively impact your career.

*Her perspective as to how women are elevating other women in business.

*Winning an ATHENA award was one of the proudest moments of her life.

*Something happened in 1988 that significantly impacted women in business - you'll hear her detail it.

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Her advice? Have a love of learning - find people that inspire you in person or online and continuously learn.