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Ginny Tonkin – WRMB019 – A True Marketing Athlete

Ginny Tonkin, is a Product and Partner Marketer at Instapage

Listen in as Ginny covers:

*What is a well-rounded product marketing athlete? Well, that is Ginny - she wears many hats to help launch new products!

*From Erie, PA to building an international career - it's been quite a journey for Ginny.

*The characteristics of one of her favorite managers in her career and why she feels that way.

*Why she pushed herself to live overseas at a young age - she taught English in Vietnam and also lived in China as well. Ginny details what living overseas taught her and how it impacted her career.

*Her time overseas represented the highest highs and lowest lows - but that period was a cherished time in her life.

*San Francisco was a dream place for her to live - several reasons for it and how she made it happen

*She had no idea what product marketing was but that didn't stop her from forging a career in it!

*Can post-click optimization help you? Okay, once you find out what it is (Ginny will explain) your answer will be a RESOUNDING YES!

*Didn't have an intention to build a career but was intentional about doing the next thing that she was passionate about and a great career sprung out of that.

*What is the most important skill set you can have?

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