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Jessica Lewis – WRMB018 – Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Change If You’re Unhappy

Jessica Lewis is the owner of Jessica Lewis Voice

Listen in as Jessica covers:

*What is voiceover? Voiceover artists literally impact everything - radio, TV, explainer videos - it's really people reading a script giving you information.

*The heart of being an entrepreneur is using your skills and gifts to solve a problem.

*Why a summer at McDonald's started her on her entrepreneurial journey.

*Her first entrepreneurial venture was Mary Kay and while she admits she was terrible at a makeup business but the Mary Kay principles still help her today.

*Being a voiceover artist is not her first successful venture but it's has become the best business for her to achieve a work life balance and had to hit rock bottom before she could decide to make the switch.

*How you define success is important - listen to your small voice - don't get caught up in the whole "you must always hustle" mentality.

*You can pour yourself into business without having it affect family time.

*How she manages separating work time from family time since she and her husband work out of the house on their business and have three children.

*You don't have to be hard and fast with work/life balance rules but you do need a routine.

*Advice for newbie entrepreneurs.

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