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Payal Nanjiani – WRMB021 – Maximum Effort Does Not Mean Maximum Results

Payal Nanjiani - is a globally acclaimed motivational leadership speaker, success coach and author who is a visionary that has helped thousands of people become game-changing leaders and entrepreneurs.

Listen in as Payal discusses the following:

*Inspired to teach leadership techniques that helps people get and give their best.

*Always been fascinated by the word success.

*Maximum effort DOES NOT equal maximum results.

*There is a wide gap between people that are successful and those who aren't - bridging that gap is what drives and inspires her.

*How to shift your mindset to achieve success.

*You need techniques and conditioning to align yourself with success.

*The difference between a Maximum Effort person and a Successful person - you'll be surprised by this.

*You have to concentrate on BEING - not DOING.

*CONDITION YOURSELF FIRST - then success will follow.

*Moving from one failure to another is important because when challenges come you have the strength to meet them.

*You need to challenge yourself every single day, recognize your value and increase your value - never stop challenging yourself and get good at self-promotion.

*Two words are VERY important in business: TAKE CHARGE but it's not about taking charge of other people - you must TAKE CHARGE of you.

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Payal Nanjiani

She loves motivational quotes online - but suggests that you use what is best for you.