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Andrea Conner – Women Really Mean Business 025 – Key Leadership Principles From The President Of ATHENA International

Andrea Conner is President of ATHENA® International

Listen in as Andrea discusses the following:

*Why ATHENA® International helped to create this podcast.

*Every woman is on a different leadership path and ATHENA® International celebrates each unique path.

*The podcast continues to grow because of the great collaboration among Jeff Biletnikoff and ATHENA® International.

*The reach of ATHENA® International around the world.

*What led her to the President's chair of ATHENA® International.

*How an international passport changed her life.

*From selling radio advertising to helping to build a playground, Andrea has a wide range of experiences.

*She sees challenges as an opportunity and has had to remain agile - giving her a great perspective and an appreciation for diversity.

*Why being uncomfortable is important in your career.

*The 8 ATHENA® International leadership principles are very important to her and offer an essential toolkit for her that helped her navigate all sorts of environments.

*Why professional women love to learn from other professional women.

*How does ATHENA® International support growing women leaders.

*Her international travel was an eye-opening experience allowing her to see there are many creative ways to approach problems and challenges.

*Her advice for emerging women leaders.

*Why it's important to build a tribe.

*The vision for ATHENA® International International.

*In 2019 they will have recognized over 7,300 ATHENA® leaders.

*Why you need ATHENA® International in your community.

*How ATHENA® International collaborates to maximize opportunities for women.

*Find out what your passion is, live your life authentically and lean in plus keep learning.

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