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Dr. Jingze Jiang – Women Really Mean Business 024 – Perseverance Through Failure Equals Success

Dr. Jingze Jiang is an Associate Professor of Economics at Edinboro University. She received her Master in Statistics and PhD in Economics from Washington State University in 2013, and Bachelor in Finance from Shanghai University in China in 2009.

Listen in as Jingze discusses the following:

*Her journey as someone frequently published and cited in energy economics.

*What energy economics is and how it impacts a society.

*Economics is not about money - it's about how to allocate scarce resources.

*Natural resource and environmental economics is a new field that she is and this field helps governments make better decisions.

*Her view of renewable energy and how it impacts us going forward.

*She also is in the field of environmental economics and talks about the importance of this for the future.

*Her goal is to help future generations.

*She advises governments, does research and also serves her students - how does she balance it all?

*She busts a myth about energy - that clean energy will destroy the traditional energy industry and she busts a myth about the environment - that environmental economists are environmentalists which is not true - in the field of environmental economics they try to do what is best for everyone involved - industry and society.

*Why it's important to know what you're good at by the time you get to college.

*Failures she faced were important in her journey - winners are those that know how to deal with failures.

*Perseverance is an important trait to her but it differs from being stubborn and it's an important distinction that she explains. It's good to have perseverance but not good to be stubborn.

*Having perseverance + a mentor is a winning combination.

*What the ATHENA principle of "building relationships" means to her.

*It's a family tradition for her to help other people.

*How she and her husband work together to create balance for their child.

*She works hard to show her daughter that you can help the world and still be a good mother.

*Dr. Jiang loves her home country of China and still visits often but has chosen the U.S. and details why.

*The most important things in life are finding your dream and helping others.

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