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Kelli Casto – WRMB023 – Restoring Hope To Seniors

Kelli Casto COTA/L, BAS is the Founder of Saving Our Seniors

Listen in as Kelli discusses the following:

*Why it's so important for vulnerable seniors get durable medical equipment.

*Durable medical equipment can range from shower chairs all the way hospital beds and more.

*This non-profit is important because many seniors live on fixed incomes and can't afford something as simple as a shower chair that can actually make a big difference for them.

*People are living longer and their money is running out - Saving Our Seniors is helping fill in the gaps.

*Hear an inspirational story of how she changed one woman's life for the better - in fact this woman says she would not have been able to go out with Saving Our Seniors.

*How giving up alcohol and a conversation with her parents contributed to her starting a charity.

*Delivers 30 pieces of equipment a week and it's only getting bigger as they're in phase 1 of 4 with plans to expand as they go forward.

*Advice for what she's learned as a new non-profit owner.

*The obstacles she thought were going to be obstacles were not obstacles and vice versa - and that's been a surprise.

*Finding a board of directors aligned with her has been challenging but she's working through it.

*The things that keep her grounded as well as her why's.

*How the loss of her mom has impacted her and how her lessons influence Saving Our Seniors.

*How women can work together to really help each other.

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