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Steph Moraca – Women Really Mean Business 028 – Advice For New Entrepreneurs From A New Entrepreneur

Steph Moraca, AKA The Painting Stoof had a stable job she trained for in college and left it to begin her entrepreneurial journey when she realized she needed more fulfillment. It's advice from a new entrepreneur for new entrepreneurs!

Listen in as Steph discusses the following:

*Attended the University of Pittsburgh from 2008-2012 and couldn’t decide between the arts or sciences, so she did both (received BS in Geology and BA in Studio Arts).

*Although she took courses that prepare young artists for a career as a fine artist, I didn’t have the confidence in myself or the business knowledge to take that path after graduating.

*She got a job in the environmental consulting industry right after school and put her geology degree to work for almost six years. Steph enjoyed being outside as a field geologist, and loved the variety in the work.

*The issue with being a field geologist was the amount of travel involved in her position. In 2018, she was traveling over 80% of the time and was often put on projects out of state where she would have to stay at the project area hotel on weekends off.

*Steph also didn’t feel rewarded in this position. She often worked alone, worked 80+ hour weeks, and although she did a great job and was praised within her own company, she didn’t feel like she was directly helping anyone.

*She was on a two-month project in Alabama about a year ago when she decided to make the change to becoming an entrepreneur in the fine art field.

*Steph went to the nearest Walmart and bought a cheap paint set and canvases and began to paint again. Every night in her hotel and on her weekends alone in Alabama, she would work on a painting. She also began to plan out how she would make the transition to becoming a full time artist.

*Throughout the summer of 2018, she and her husband discussed the financial logistics of her new planned career path. They were saving their paychecks to cover the first few months where she likely wouldn’t be making much as an artist.

*In September 2018, she left her geology job and became a full time artist plus registered her sole proprietorship as “The Painting Stoof” and got to work immediately.

*Steph learned a lot in the first few months, including how to submit my taxes, how to provide a quality product to clients, and what services are the most profitable in her business.

*How she overcomes creative blocks and in her business creative blocks are a barrier to revenue because as a painter if she's not painting she's not earning!

*Why you need to plan things out before jumping into a business.

*Her process for keeping clients happy with a definitive process.

*Immediate goals include is to really develop her target market, specifically in the golf industry. Why the golf industry? Steph enjoys painting landscapes - golf courses are well-trimmed landscapes.

*Steph's paintings are not cheap- golf is a prestigious and expensive sport, so her clients enjoy golf related paintings and they have the money to purchase them.

*She has begun to reach out to golf courses in the US offering painting services and asking if they’d like a commission of their course to display in their country club.

*Another thing Steph is working on is working on connecting with fine art galleries in the US to sell her paintings.

*In addition to taking commissions, Steph performs live event painting at weddings/charity events and she hosts mobile beginner paint parties.

*ATHENA® Leadership Principle: Foster Collaboration & how she and other artists support each other.

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Searching out upcoming network events for not only your niche but also to attend events your prospects might attend so you can get to know them is important as well.

Steph's Painting On Jeff's Wall