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WRMB026 – Find More Time In Your Business Now (Preview)

Annie LaCroix is a small business owner and host of the Brainy Boss Podcast. Annie, a self-proclaimed brain science geek, is passionate about teaching leaders and owners to protect their time with a vengeance. Therefore, her bio is short, saving you time to get other stuff done– this talk touches on how to get more time in your business. Take a listen to an excerpt above and listen to the full episode when it’s live on 4/29/19.

a few days ago

Andrea Conner – Women Really Mean Business 025 – Key Leadership Principles From The President Of ATHENA International

Andrea Conner is President of ATHENA® International

Listen in as Andrea discusses the following:

*Why ATHENA® International helped to create this podcast.

*Every woman is on a different leadership path and ATHENA® International celebrates each unique path.

*The podcast continues to grow because of the great collaboration among Jeff Biletnikoff and ATHENA® International.

*The reach of ATHENA® International around the world.

*What led her to the President's chair of ATHENA® International.

*How an international passport changed her life.

*From selling radio advertising to helping to build a playground, Andrea has a wide range of experiences.

*She sees challenges as an opportunity and has had to remain agile - giving her a great perspective and an appreciation for diversity.

*Why being uncomfortable is important in your career.

*The 8 ATHENA® International leadership principles are very important to her and offer an essential toolkit for her that helped her navigate all sorts of environments.

*Why professional women love to learn from other professional women.

*How does ATHENA® International support growing women leaders.

*Her international travel was an eye-opening experience allowing her to see there are many creative ways to approach problems and challenges.

*Her advice for emerging women leaders.

*Why it's important to build a tribe.

*The vision for ATHENA® International International.

*In 2019 they will have recognized over 7,300 ATHENA® leaders.

*Why you need ATHENA® International in your community.

*How ATHENA® International collaborates to maximize opportunities for women.

*Find out what your passion is, live your life authentically and lean in plus keep learning.

Get more resources from Andrea below her photo.

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WRMB025 – Key Leadership Principles From The President Of ATHENA International (Preview)

Andrea Conner is President of ATHENA® International. An international passport was the catalyst to opening up this leader’s mind on a wide and varied career that has brought her to the President’s Chair of ATHENA® International – this talk touches on many leadership principles including embracing your unique journey. Take a listen to an excerpt above and listen to the full episode as it is now live.

last week

Dr. Jingze Jiang – Women Really Mean Business 024 – Perseverance Through Failure Equals Success

Dr. Jingze Jiang is an Associate Professor of Economics at Edinboro University. She received her Master in Statistics and PhD in Economics from Washington State University in 2013, and Bachelor in Finance from Shanghai University in China in 2009.

Listen in as Jingze discusses the following:

*Her journey as someone frequently published and cited in energy economics.

*What energy economics is and how it impacts a society.

*Economics is not about money - it's about how to allocate scarce resources.

*Natural resource and environmental economics is a new field that she is and this field helps governments make better decisions.

*Her view of renewable energy and how it impacts us going forward.

*She also is in the field of environmental economics and talks about the importance of this for the future.

*Her goal is to help future generations.

*She advises governments, does research and also serves her students - how does she balance it all?

*She busts a myth about energy - that clean energy will destroy the traditional energy industry and she busts a myth about the environment - that environmental economists are environmentalists which is not true - in the field of environmental economics they try to do what is best for everyone involved - industry and society.

*Why it's important to know what you're good at by the time you get to college.

*Failures she faced were important in her journey - winners are those that know how to deal with failures.

*Perseverance is an important trait to her but it differs from being stubborn and it's an important distinction that she explains. It's good to have perseverance but not good to be stubborn.

*Having perseverance + a mentor is a winning combination.

*What the ATHENA principle of "building relationships" means to her.

*It's a family tradition for her to help other people.

*How she and her husband work together to create balance for their child.

*She works hard to show her daughter that you can help the world and still be a good mother.

*Dr. Jiang loves her home country of China and still visits often but has chosen the U.S. and details why.

*The most important things in life are finding your dream and helping others.

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ATHENA International

Find a mentor - but be intentional about it - go to conferences for your industry and attend business events because you'll never know when you'll meet people to walk with you on your journey.

a couple of weeks ago

WRMB024 – Perseverance Through Failure Equals Success (Preview)

Dr. Jingze Jiang is an Associate Professor of Economics at Edinboro University. She received her Master in Statistics and PhD in Economics from Washington State University in 2013, and Bachelor in Finance from Shanghai University in China in 2009 and she not only educates you on the fields of energy and environmental economics and how it impacts your business but even more important she talks about how important failure is for leaders. Take a listen to an excerpt above and listen to the full episode as it is now live.

a couple of weeks ago

Kelli Casto – WRMB023 – Restoring Hope To Seniors

Kelli Casto COTA/L, BAS is the Founder of Saving Our Seniors

Listen in as Kelli discusses the following:

*Why it's so important for vulnerable seniors get durable medical equipment.

*Durable medical equipment can range from shower chairs all the way hospital beds and more.

*This non-profit is important because many seniors live on fixed incomes and can't afford something as simple as a shower chair that can actually make a big difference for them.

*People are living longer and their money is running out - Saving Our Seniors is helping fill in the gaps.

*Hear an inspirational story of how she changed one woman's life for the better - in fact this woman says she would not have been able to go out with Saving Our Seniors.

*How giving up alcohol and a conversation with her parents contributed to her starting a charity.

*Delivers 30 pieces of equipment a week and it's only getting bigger as they're in phase 1 of 4 with plans to expand as they go forward.

*Advice for what she's learned as a new non-profit owner.

*The obstacles she thought were going to be obstacles were not obstacles and vice versa - and that's been a surprise.

*Finding a board of directors aligned with her has been challenging but she's working through it.

*The things that keep her grounded as well as her why's.

*How the loss of her mom has impacted her and how her lessons influence Saving Our Seniors.

*How women can work together to really help each other.

Get more resources from Kelli below her photo.

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3 weeks ago

Annella Metoyer – WRMB022 – Adversity Forges A True Leader

Annella Metoyer is a Keynote Speaker, Performance Improvement Coach, and Amazon Bestselling Author (Dare to Be the Change and Stronger than Fear)

Listen in as Annella discusses the following:

*Started in banking 40 years ago with various jobs and ended up as City President for one of the largest banks in Texas.

*Developed a lot of leaders from mid-level all the way up to executive.

*Quote to remember: "If you don't, who will."

*Often was first in her positions as either a person of color, a woman or both.

*She had a lot of adversity and a lot of reasons to quit - but never did - this is a story of resiliency.

*Encountered both racism and sexual harassment in her career but overcame it because she knew she had to be the change - again, if you don't, who will.

*Strong Christian beliefs and a family legacy of wanting to help others is a big part of what kept her going through a lot of challenges.

*Had to work hard to get people to see her as an individual and not being identified as the first person of color or woman in the organization. This mindset proved valuable as she was able to help others get promoted that were enduring struggles because they were not being seen as individuals either - it all was a part of making her a better and more empathetic leader.

*Made the change from banking to be a coach and her experiences have formed the basis of how she mentors other people - and she loves developing individuals.

*Remember this when you are facing adversity - you are stronger than the person that is challenging you.

*Was the President of a Chamber of Commerce in her area - the first person of color and woman to do this - and is gratified that other women and people of color have followed her into the organization with similar success.

*She loves helping people see that the strength is within.

*Through her speaking, books, mentoring and coaching she changes lives - in fact, you'll hear a very compelling story of how a family was mended after one of her speeches.

*Want to build relationships? Really get to know someone - you never know when these relationships will positively impact your career.

*Her perspective as to how women are elevating other women in business.

*Winning an ATHENA award was one of the proudest moments of her life.

*Something happened in 1988 that significantly impacted women in business - you'll hear her detail it.

Get more resources from Annella below her photo.

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Dare to Be the Change ​

Stronger than Fear

Her advice? Have a love of learning - find people that inspire you in person or online and continuously learn.

last month

Payal Nanjiani – WRMB021 – Maximum Effort Does Not Mean Maximum Results

Payal Nanjiani - is a globally acclaimed motivational leadership speaker, success coach and author who is a visionary that has helped thousands of people become game-changing leaders and entrepreneurs.

Listen in as Payal discusses the following:

*Inspired to teach leadership techniques that helps people get and give their best.

*Always been fascinated by the word success.

*Maximum effort DOES NOT equal maximum results.

*There is a wide gap between people that are successful and those who aren't - bridging that gap is what drives and inspires her.

*How to shift your mindset to achieve success.

*You need techniques and conditioning to align yourself with success.

*The difference between a Maximum Effort person and a Successful person - you'll be surprised by this.

*You have to concentrate on BEING - not DOING.

*CONDITION YOURSELF FIRST - then success will follow.

*Moving from one failure to another is important because when challenges come you have the strength to meet them.

*You need to challenge yourself every single day, recognize your value and increase your value - never stop challenging yourself and get good at self-promotion.

*Two words are VERY important in business: TAKE CHARGE but it's not about taking charge of other people - you must TAKE CHARGE of you.

Get more resources from Payal below her photo.

Recommended Links From Payal:

Payal Nanjiani

She loves motivational quotes online - but suggests that you use what is best for you.

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