Being A Guest

Interested in being a guest?  We love to interview women in business – AT ALL LEVELS of business.  We’ve interviewed guests at the end of their careers, those that have had a successful career and are into a 2nd act, folks that have changed careers and those at the beginning.  This community benefits from DIFFERENT stories from ALL career paths.

The interviews are LOW KEY and our host views himself as a facilitator and not a host.  Okay, wait, what?  He refers to himself as a host but says he’s not a host.  You’ll find out why Jeff has that dual type of description – “officially” he is a host but really it’s more about creating an environment where you have a lot of room to tell your story so each week’s guest is really the voice you hear most.

The feel of the interview is as if someone dropped a microphone between you and the host, er facilitator at a coffee shop and you start talking about YOUR journey in business.

If you would like to participate contact us here  and read what other guests are saying here.

Thanks for considering this podcast!