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a couple of months ago

Aira Agrawal – WRMB015 – Unplug From Your Screens – Sometimes

Aira Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of and author of "7 Step Digital Cleanse For Families."

Feel like your smart phone has taken over your life? Are your kids obsessed with video gaming, Netflix binging, and social media scrolling? Is screen time impacting your family time? If you feel like you never get a break from technology and want relief – then this podcast is for you.

Even better, you’ll hear how from a 16-year-old author and entrepreneur who started an online business called to address this urgent issue.

Aira’s research showed that most books and articles on the subject were written by adults from their perspective. She felt strongly that teenagers needed a voice too. In her book and workshops she opens eyes to how her own family used a collaborative vs. punitive approach to solve for:

*Her 8-year old video gaming brother who didn’t quite like parental controls. 

*Her YouTube obsessed sister who watched videos brushing her teeth and while eating dinner.

*Her Instagram exploring (just 5 minutes!) that was cutting into homework time. 

This trailblazer shares poignant stories about:

*How taking first prize at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy impacted her drive.

*The importance of her father’s mentorship.

*Overcoming her fear to be taken seriously. 

*Why she was surprised at a conference that there weren’t more female entrepreneurs. 

*The app she’s working on next.

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Recommended Links From Aira:

7 Step Digital Cleanse for Families: From a Teenager’s Perspective

Make sure to get good mentors as they are invaluable.

a couple of months ago

Terri Waibel – WRMB014 – Grief Is Misunderstood

Terri Waibel is the Founder and Clinical Director at Center for Compassion.

Grief, trauma and loss are highly mis-understood in our society and as someone that has lived through her own tragedies with the death of her brother and daughter ATHENA recipient Terri Waibel is uniquely qualified to help others that are struggling - she started her business because she struggled to find someone to help her with her traumatic grief. This is a must listen for anyone that has ever experienced loss plus Terri has a great entrepreneurial story to tell as well.

ATHENA recipient, Terri Waibel, exemplifies one of the most important 8 Principles of Enlightened Leadership in the Becoming ATHENA Leadership Model: Give Back.

She turned the unspeakable tragedies of loss she endured in her life into meaningful, fulfilling life’s work. A compassionate bereavement specialist, she elegantly tackles a subject that is widely misunderstood: GRIEF.

Terri draws on personal experiences and extensive training to share what to say and how to say it when encountering grief moments. She offers advice on how to “be there” for loved ones when you’re not quite sure what to say, and how important rituals can be in healing. She even reminds us what not to say to honor the grieving process. You’ll also hear from Jeff Biletnikoff, the host, who after losing his mother was inspired during his grieving process to launch the ATHENA International Women Really Mean Business Podcast. Practical yet profound, this podcast is for all those listeners who want to communicate hope for themselves and loved ones that may be heartbroken with grief.

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a couple of months ago

Beth Zimmer – WRMB013

Beth Zimmer is the Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Innovation Collaborative

No one sells Erie, PA better than Beth Zimmer who served many years as a talent acquisition recruiter and in business development. “Its less than 2 hours from Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland and Toronto; we’re situated on one of the Great Lakes; businesses can easily reach global markets through the Erie gateway; and the region experiences four seasons like no other.”

When the community started to decline, this passion led her to recruit a network of “super smart people” to discuss economic development. They learned from the Kauffman Foundation that 100% of net new jobs for the past 30 years were born from entrepreneurship. The team quickly concluded that supporting a small to- mid-size business ecosystem was sorely missing, and something had to be done about.

A self-described resourceful rebel, she stepped up, secured a grant, formed a non-profit, worked for almost 2 years without pay and trail blazed a path to one of the most exemplary Social Impact Entrepreneurship models in the country.

The result: a thriving business community who understands entrepreneurship, deploys the Icehouse Model to grow and expand, and is connected to ATHENA International, “the luckiest people in Erie.”

Listen to learn how she enabled a grassroots movement to thrive.

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a few months ago

Julie Ann Sullivan, MBA – WRMB012

Julie Ann Sullivan, MBA is a Business Culture Expert

It appears that Julie Ann, a business culture expert and coach, is seeing her wish come true – to change the world one person at a time. Her passion to get people to want to come to work and do their best led her to create her podcast called Businesses that Care, where she interviews leaders of great cultures about what they do every day.

She continues to write and speak about themes that resonate with her: enjoy the journey, celebrate the mundane, ask more questions to build relationships, find a coach and most of all care about the people in your workplace.

A certified laughter leader, she named her dog “Joy,” her four-legged affirmation, which reminds her to be mindful to wake up with joy, walk with joy…... If you are looking for a reliable reminder to seek your joy, regardless of work/life experiences, then this podcast is for you.

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a few months ago

Debbie Peterson – WRMB011

Debbie Peterson is a Business Keynote Speaker, Mindset Strategist, Coach at Getting To Clarity + ATHENA® International Board Member

What would your life be like if you had tools you could rely on to go from frustrated to focused? If you could interrupt negative patterns and take yourself into a different more nurturing direction?

After 30 years in corporate America, Debbie found herself not only frustrated but stressed to the point that it was affecting her health. She knew she needed a radical change.

Hear how she pivoted into running Getting to Clarity, a coaching, training and speaking business where she helps women figure out what is getting in their own way and provides tools, strategies and action plans to bridge the gap to fulfillment.

Drawing on her deeply personal experience and her expertise in Neurolinguistic Programming and Huna she shares how our mindset and thoughts either hold us back or propel us, support or sabotage us at an unconscious level. “We say awful things to ourselves” says Debbie and “we may not even be aware.”

The language we use clues us in. Learn from someone who’s lived it about how to catch ourselves, see the unseen, gamify our trials and overcome limiting beliefs to reclaim a step-up attitude and experience a different, more meaningful result.

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Getting To Clarity Official Site

Contact Debbie Via Email

Getting To Clarity Facebook Group

ATHENA® International

The Compound Effect


Plug into outside resources to get help in your career - YouTube videos, books, groups, etc. - don't do it alone

You are the average of the top 5 people you spend the most time with - choose wisely!

a few months ago

Jenny Olsen – WRMB010

Jenny Olsen is a Marketing Specialist.

When Jenny Olsen ended this podcast, she offered to help any woman who might want her assistance…and she meant it.

Digital marketing is such a challenging career that is reason alone to listen to this podcast. Jenny has a wide range of marketing experiences with different companies, most recently with the automobile industry.

She has clear-cut ideas to share with any woman considering a career in marketing or already in marketing. Five takeaways from the podcast include:

*Always keep learning because marketing changes very rapidly. Your routine everyday should include 20 minutes of research related to your field.

*Join a “20 Group” of professionals who have titles like yours to share ideas, to discuss problems, and to learn what’s working in other places.

*Marketing is a critical but challenging field because you must be able to see trends, pick out patterns, understand customers, and so much more. Don’t let it consume you!

*Computer research is a vital part of marketing, but go into the community and ask questions to find out what customers want.

*Women are exceptional in marketing because they pay attention to details; they are methodical; and they are sensitive to what others want.

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Recommended links from Jenny:

Email her at if you wish to connect or have a question.

Do 20 minutes of research daily related to your business.

Join a "20" group (a group of like-minded professionals usually in the same industry and ususually from around the country).

Also consider professional groups in your area that you can plug into.

Ask customers - they're a great source of what you need to do as a professional!


Enterprise Google News

a few months ago

Erica Whiting – WRMB009

Erica Whiting is the owner of Erica Whiting Photography

Erica Whiting’s passion for building a small business comes through clearly in this podcast.  

Erica is a full-time art teacher in the Erie School System; an art instructor for the Erie Museum; a blogger who created the Project Erie Entrepreneur Blog; a photographer; and an artist.

She is just starting a photography business, Erica Whiting Photography. She would like to grow her business to the point that she can give back by using photography to tell the stories of the homeless, abused men and women, and rape victims.

Erica always needs to be creating, and her goal is to use her creativity to make a difference.

She says:

*Don’t wait if you have a passion to start a business. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go for it. There is never going to be the perfect time!

*Be smart! Have a plan so you know what to do from day-to-day. You may have to work two jobs in the beginning as you develop your business, but it is worth it.

*You must constantly be learning through podcasts, YouTube, bloggers, and from others in your business and outside your business.

*Don’t give up. It takes time to build a business. You do have to stop and recharge.

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a few months ago

Dr. Joyce Ann Miller – WRMB008

Meet Dr. Joyce Ann Miller, a Sociologist, Professor, Non-profit CEO and Entrepreneur.

She discusses her professional identity of being a sociologist and how this has affected her leadership roles in different institutions along the way. She’s well-traveled and there is so much to learn from her perspective.

In this podcast, she shares what a sociologist does and more specifically, how her own
journey and viewpoint as a sociologist has impacted her transition through different
careers including: 

*Higher Education
*Business World (For-Profit and Non-Profit)
*Community Volunteering
*Government Agencies

Also, she delves into how sociology helps structure these organizations and institutions
to be successful in their interactions and goals. 

If you’re interested in the study of social behavior or society, including its origins,
development, organization, networks, and institutions, listen in to her great advice and
perhaps learn a new perspective that can improve your own business!

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Recommended links from Dr. Miller:

KeyStone Research Corporation

Northwest Institute of Research

Ted Talks


Podcasts, books and other materials that support her values (dignity, respect and diversity) - her advice? Find your own resources that support your values!

a few months ago

Courtney Steding – WRMB007

Courtney Steding serves as the Director of Career Services for Penn State Behrend

In this podcast, Courtney shares her insight as a Career Coaching Professional.

She talks about:

*ACT - the Athena Circle of Trust  - an how a group of trusted female professionals  have an open dialogue about their successes and challenges and ways to help each other.

*How do you increase your job satisfaction? What do you love vs what do you hate?

*What do you want to do next?  What are your passions and strengths?

*How do you realize your career potential?

*What action should you take to achieve your "perfect match" career?

*How do you find a mentor?  It can be someone different from you.

She also shares resources to determine your personality type and motivational books for your to read.

Please scroll down for her interview as well as recommended links from Courtney below her photo!

Recommended links from Courtney:
Penn State Behrend Career Center
ATHENA®️ Circle of Trust
Wendy Sachs, Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers
16 Personalities
Linda Babcock, Women Don't Ask
Brene Brown
The Broadsheet
More advice
1. Work with a coach or a mentor - and don't be afraid to find someone that's different from you in personality type, industry, gender, etc.
2. Research shows you're most productive in the morning - she is intentional about her morning routine - eating right, running, etc.

a few months ago

Angela Gast – WRMB006

Angela Gast has worked in Corporate America, for small businesses, and is now an entrepreneur - she is the owner of two businesses: Mighty Mrs. and Mighty Creative

In this podcast, she shares her experiences in both roles and how she helps business owners grow from the ground up or take them to the next level.

*She is a working mom who thrives now that she is her own boss.
*She talks about what to look for in a marketing firm and why expertise matters.
*She also discusses how she maintains a work life balance - priorities are a must.
*Angela also shares how important it is to own your choices in order to stay focused.

When listening to this podcast here's a quote to keep in mind from Angela:
"Women need to take ownership of their career path to build a life that works for them and their family. We are fortunate that working a 9-5 job is not the only answer anymore."

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