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a few months ago

Jenny Kupczyk – WRMB005

Meet Jenny Kupczyk, an entrepreneur and a single Mom, who as a health and wellness coach (Jen Kupczyk Total Health & Wellness 360, LLC) is committed to helping people change their “mindset,” the root cause that holds us back from achieving our New Year’s resolutions, our inherent greatness and living the life we desire.

Hear her real and raw stories including “wall-kicking” moments about:

*Self talk: Why “I’m committed to…..” always trumps “I need to…..”
*Vision boards: A reminder to feel the feelings of already achieving
*Daily intentions: “If our “why” isn’t strong enough to make us cry, then it’s just a wish.”
*Goal setting: Try on making your standards non-negotiable instead

If you’re looking for some motivation to believe and deserve you can achieve your very personal definition of success, then this podcast is for you!

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Recommended links from Jenny:

Jen Kupczyk Total Health & Wellness 360, LLC (LinkedIN)

Jen Kupczyk Total Health & Wellness 360, LLC (Facebook)

The Holy Bible

Vision Board

Daily Affirmations including gratitude to God and speaking what you want out loud

Motivational Speakers on YouTube:
Mel Robbins, Eric Thomas and Will Smith

a few months ago

Alice DeGeorge – WRMB004

Alice DeGeorge is a business owner (Presque Isle Printing Services in Erie, PA)

If you feel you’re facing too many obstacles and trying to figure things out for your career, this podcast may be for you. After being displaced from two jobs within six months, Alice DeGeorge accidentally started a printing business. With her back against the wall she fast tracked a loan and used her credit cards to finance the machines and equipment she needed – all within six weeks. That was almost a decade ago and she’s never looked back. In this lively, candid conversation you learn:

*How Tina Turner influenced her decision to get into radio and Facebook Live
*How waitressing, pizza delivering and day caring prepared her for her current work in retail
*Why “Giving Back” is her favorite ATHENA leadership principle, namely to support local small businesse.

And by the way, Alice’s team developed the Women Really Mean Business logo for ATHENA International. Thank you Alice!

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Recommended links from Alice:

Presque Isle Printing Services

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Bofta Yimam – WRMB002

Bofta Yimam is an award-winning journalist turned Master Storytelling and Empowerment Coach.

Our podcast host says Bofta is the reason why the Women Really Mean Business Presented By ATHENA®️ International Podcast is in existence!

Listen in if you are dreaming about making a life-changing pivot.

Bofta morphed her Emmy award-winning journalism career for CBS and ABC into a laptop-based business where she travels freely and is sought-after as a dynamic speaker who empowers entrepreneurs to craft their story, speak on stages and gain more visibility!

She makes is all look easy and effortless, however she admits that she invested time and practice into multiple tools, even some a little “woo woo,” to make her transition “leap” work.

Bofta speaks from the heart about how imperative it is to use our God-given talents. Listen to the podcast below if you’re looking for inspiration and tips— to stretch your skills and talents into new spaces.

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Dr. Tammy Kay Cassa – WRMB003

Dr. Tammy Kay Cassa is a Chiropractic Physician, Business owner and a 2017 ATHENA PowerLink® Advisory Panel Recipient

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What we talked about...

Since Dr. Cassa is an engineer turned doctor turned entrepreneur there is a great story that you will hear unfolding throughout her interview.

Tune in to hear more about:

*Her hard-won advice and what changed the game for her starting and running a thriving business, including ATHENA PowerLink®

*Why she decided she simply could not work in a “no-windows” environment

*How military and political books, like The Art of War by Sun Tzu, inspire her offensive and defensive life choices

*What she means by she “runs to burn off the crazy” to stay serious about health and energy

*Her dedication to helping the military heal through

a few months ago

Linda Stevenson – WRMB001

Linda Stevenson is a retired bank executive who has been instrumental in both ATHENA® International and ATHENA® Erie

ATHENA®️ recipient, Linda Stevenson got her start in banking as a bank messenger and 47 years later, after surviving seven acquisitions, she retired as the Senior Vice President for Women in Business Development. Along the way her commitment to ensuring that business women prosper has been indisputable. Don’t miss her coaching on:

*The cracks she sees in the glass ceiling in banking vs academia and legal

*Overcoming the one thing that holds most women back: “Women don’t ask

*How to contribute to your own community and leave a legacy as she did. Her vehicle has been through ATHENA®️ awards, ATHENA®️ mentorship luncheon and ATHENA®️ Powerlink all found on

*How her “intrapreneurial” spirit enabled her to start two successful programs within the corporate setting

*Why building relationships, particularly with your banker, before you need the money is essential for entrepreneurs as well as utilizing tax paid resources like and the Small Business Development Centers

*Blazing a new trail doing what you love and the money will follow

Please scroll down for her interview as well as recommended links from Linda below her photo!