Guest Reviews

What is it like to be interviewed on this podcast?  Let’s hear from some of our guests…and if you’re interested in being a guest visit this link.

My experience in working with Jeff Biletnikoff to do one of the Women Really Mean Business podcast series, was exceptional. Jeff orchestrated the whole process and was efficient in getting everything scheduled, keeping me informed of the process as it unfolded. But, best of all, he’s a great interviewer and able to grasp concepts quickly and run with them, weaving his comments and thoughts throughout the interview process. I loved working with him and highly recommend anyone who is interested to sign on for future interviews.

Joyce Ann Miller, Ph.D.
Owner and President Emeritus, KeyStone Research Corporation (KSRC) and CEO, Northwest Institute of Research (NWIR),
Episode 8

My interview with Jeff Biletnikoff was one of a kind. The first conversation with Jeff was like we knew each other from the past. Jeff makes you feel like you are the only person in the room, in other words -YOU ARE BEING HEARD. He also purchased my book, “Dare to be the Change” which gave him more insight into my journey. His knowledge from the book made the conversation like sitting with your grandma on the back porch.

Annella Metoyer
President of Inspire Development LLC, Author of Dare To Be The Change
Episode 22

The interview for WRMB was conversation-style in a casual format. Jeff started off the conversation by making sure I didn’t have any additional questions about the process, then asked the podcast interview questions that were previously emailed to me. I really enjoyed the conversation style of the interview and appreciated having the questions provided several weeks before the interview. Preparing for the interview and having the podcast interview with Jeff only took a few hours of my time. I am thankful for this opportunity to talk about my business journey on the podcast and be able to market my small business to all the listeners!

Steph Moraca
“The Painting Stoof”
Episode 28 (released on 5/13/19)

What a wonderful experience! It was such an honor to be invited as a guest on this podcast. Jeff has the ability to instantly make you feel comfortable and the conversation flowed naturally. As a woman in business, it felt fantastic to share my perspective. Thank you for creating this platform!

Bofta Yimam
Emmy Award-Winning Journalist | Media Personality | International Speaker | Coach
Episode 2

Jeff has a way to balance energy and calmness, in order to get the most from his guests, while also setting them at ease. His enthusiasm for supporting females is contagious (as evidenced from his early interviews), as he creates a natural and safe environment to gain the most from this guests.

Courtney Steding
Director of Career Services, Penn State Behrend
Episode 7

It was such a pleasure to have an opportunity to be interviewed for the Women Really Mean Business Podcast with Jeff Biletnikoff. I love to share my experience with business professionals and Jeff was so easy to talk to. He knew just the right questions to have the perfect conversation and has an enthusiasm that is contagious!

Debbie Peterson
Business Keynote Speaker, Mindset Strategist, Coach at Getting To Clarity + ATHENA® International Board Member
Episode 11

Jeff’s approach as an interviewer is warm and engaging.  He did his homework and asked great questions, for example about entrepreneurship or challenges of running a company and family, and encourages us to share lessons learned.  I enjoy listening to the podcast and subsequently connecting with these women.

Kathleen Duffy Ybarra
President & CEO Duffy Group
Episode 16

I so enjoyed my experience speaking with Jeff Biletnikoff on the podcast, Women Really Mean Business.  The program is a great way for women to share professional and personal goals and accomplishments. Jeff is a wonderful host with a friendly and conversational style. As a guest, I felt very comfortable and as a listener, I came away with a lot of useful information and tips on success. I highly recommend the Women Really Mean Business podcast.     

Karen J. Tenenbaum, ESQ., LL.M. (TAXATION), CPA
Owner, Tenenbaum Law, P.C
Episode 27 (released May 6)