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Four Ways You Can Help Make Our Podcast a Great Success (thank you in advance for your help!)

1. Rate the podcast (and encourage others to do it as well) on iTunes Open the Podcast app on your iPhone, search for “Women Really Mean Business,” Click the Subscribe button, and then scroll down to the Ratings & Reviews section. Tap the stars to rate it.

2. Review the podcast (and encourage others to do it as well)  on iTunes Go a step further than rating by writing a review. Just follow the instructions above but keep scrolling past the stars and click Write a Review. Share what you like most about the podcast, whether it’s the variety of guests, the compelling conversation, or the many things you learn about gender inequality in business.

3. Encourage others to listen by sending episode links. You don’t need an iPhone to listen to Women Really Mean Business. Anyone can tune in on the show’s website. Share this link to direct new episodes to friends and family via email, text, or your favorite messaging app (also, if you share on social media please use the #myATHENA hashtag – let’s create a movement that makes it easy for professional women worldwide to connect with each other).

4. Join the show’s Facebook group OR visit our Facebook fan page. Generate discussions around each episode, provide the host with helpful feedback, or simply engage with other listeners. All you need is a Facebook account to join this private group OR visit our official fan page.